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My path towards Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate Certification.

I have been using Microsoft Power BI for almost two years with minimum training and all along I thought Power BI was just a simple drag and drop app for visualizations. I believe that I am in the season for upskilling my #PowerBI knowledge. This will entail studying towards the Exam DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI and ultimately certified as Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate.

In order to achieve the above I completed the Udemy course "DA-100 certification: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI" by Phillip Burton , which has brought new perspectives to my understanding of Power BI. PowerBI is more than a tool for drawing charts, but include powerful features for Data Modelling using PowerQuery and DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) languages, Artificial Intelligence capabilities (Support for Natural Languages with QnA function, Interface to Azure ML, Vision, etc) and Predictive analytics (Key Influencers, Decomposition tree, etc).

I also completed the Microsoft Ignite Data Analyst Challenge. This challenge complemented the above stated Udemy course, as it took me through similar Microsoft curriculum on Power BI. Excitingly, by completing this challenge before the 30 March 2021 deadline, entitles me to receive a free Exam voucher for Exam DA-100 !!! :)

So what's next?

I am almost there. After completing Phillip Burton's udemy course, I felt that there was a need for me to have more practical exercises on the DAX language. To practice more on DAX, I am considering studying another Udemy course by Advanced DAX for Microsoft Power BI Desktop by Maven Analytics and loads of YouTube stuff by Guy in a Cube

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