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Creating Spark lines in Power BI

Happy new year and wish a productive, prosperous and healthy 2022 to all!!

Microsoft continues to prove why Gartner has been recognizing Microsoft as a Magic Quadrant Leader in analytics and business intelligence platforms for the past 14 years. Microsoft closed out the year 2021 with hype and released great new features in December 2021 Power BI update. The newly released features include the Spark lines preview feature, which allows Power BI users to create spark lines within columns of a table or matrix visual. The spark line column will display a trending line chart for each row in the visual enabling data consumers to see key trends at a glance.

Thanks to Spencer Baucke for quickly jumping to the recently release Spark lines features and creating a Work Out Challenge for all of us to learn these new features. This was a relatively easy and warm up challenge to start the new year. The Power BI Feature update summary provided simple instructions, which were sufficient for me to tackle the challenge without checking the solution video.

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