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2021 Work-out Wednesday Week 8: Power BI: SWITCH()ing Measures

The eighth version of the 2021 #WorkoutWednesday was a step up from the previous ones, which were merely drag and drop #visualizations. This version needed to crack some #Switch( ), #SelectedValue, and more of DAX formulas to achieve the results and due to this elevated complexity I could not complete the work-out without peeping into the solution.

What I managed to do before peeping into the solution?

  1. I managed to set up the horizontal slicer and connected it to the measures table using SelectedValues () and SWITCH (TRUE ()) functions. I give credit to the tutorial by Vijay Perepa, which I had stumbled up before this exercise.

  2. Managed to create the first KPI Card , Bar Chart and Area Chart, enabling color and text conditional formatting using rules.

What I could not figure out and later learnt for the solution video?

  1. I could not figure out on how to change the size of the report page. I attempted to use the mobile layout, but it was not interactive.

  2. I struggled to create the DAX measures for CY and PY - spent a lot of time wondering how can I do a CALCULATE that will filter on current year, with an expression from Year field of area chart. I could not think about using MAX of the year Column.

After learning from the solution, the final product:

In closing, I have learnt a a lot. Thanks to team behind the #WoW

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