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Enhancing Data Presentation skills - Layout and desktop publication, with Adobe InDesign

The goal of any data science initiative is to turn complex and incoherent data into insights that inform business decisions and operations. Consequentially, we (data practitioners) are expected to be able to COMMUNICATE the resultant business insights through a wide range of data-driven products. Skills essential for the necessary communication include data visualization, report design, layout, and graphic illustration. For this reason and in line with my personal continuous learning in the data visualization discipline, I endeavor to enhance my data presentation, report layout and publication skills using Adobe InDesign Software. I have done layouts and publications using Microsoft Publisher in the past; hence this current pursuit is just continuous effort. Adobe InDesign is the industry standard for desktop publishing with more features and capabilities, compared to Publisher.

To enhance my report layout, presentation, and publication skills, I enrolled for an Udemy course entitled Adobe InDesign CC - Essentials Training Course, by Daniel Walter Scott. I am looking forward to learning typography, color theory & graphic design skills, as I build fliers, infographics, brochures, newsletters, and reports with InDesign. I like Daniel’s simplified and straight-forward approach to teaching, which is reinforced with practical projects. The course constitutes 5 practical projects, which demonstrate the creation of info products such as fliers, conference badges and reports.

At the time of this blog, I had just completed the first project, which required me to create a simple A5 branded flier using the provided resources or with my own materials. In this case, I pursued the approach of using my own materials. I created my own brand based on my logo. By the way, I have my own logo which I created using unusual software, Tableau. In the future, I hope to recreate my logo using Adobe Suite. The illustration picture in the flier was downloaded from the Adobe Cloud Stock pictures. The "Hello World" Flier from Adobe InDesign====>>>

Let's catch up on the next blog on the next interesting InDesign project!

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